Data protection

Stührenberg GmbH data protection policy

Stührenberg GmbH ("Operator") is pleased at your interest in this company and our products and services. We want you to feel secure as regards the protection of your personal data when dealing with us.

Protection of privacy is vitally important especially for the future of Internet-based business models and for the development of an Internet-based economy. We therefore want to emphasize our commitment to protecting your privacy through this data protection policy statement.

We place our employees and appointed service providers under an obligation not to disclose confidential information and to comply with the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act and other relevant data protection provisions.

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and we comply strictly with the terms of the data protection legislation.

For clarification: the German Federal Data Protection Act defines "personal data" as information relating to the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual. That includes for instance your name, your geographical address, your account number, your e-mail address and your IP address.

The following policy statement gives you an overview of how we intend to ensure that protection.

Use and disclosure of personal data

Personal data which you have provided to us via our website or otherwise will be collected, processed and stored for correspondence with you and for the purposes for which you provided us with the data. In addition, we may use the data for occasional offers to you and to tell you about new products or services or other offerings that may be of interest to you. You can object to the use of your data in this way at any time by informing us accordingly, for example by sending an e-mail to .

If necessary we will pass on data to the Operator's affiliated companies, service providers or other third parties. This may be necessary in order to provide a service at your request or to carry out a transaction, such as order processing, dealing with event and seminar bookings, for customer service purposes or to tell you about services or products.

When passing on personal data to third parties we limit this to the data necessary for the purposes of providing the particular services. The third party provider concerned is authorised to use this personal data exclusively for the purpose of providing the requested service or carrying out the necessary transaction on our behalf. In this context we stipulate that the service providers are to comply with the data protection legislation. We will never pass on your personal data to third parties for external marketing purposes, sell them or otherwise make them available.

Job application data

Your personal data which you provide to us in the context of registering and/or applying for a job on the Vacancies portal (online job application) will be collected, processed and stored for correspondence with you and exclusively within the framework of our recruitment procedure. You can withdraw your consent to the storage of your data at any time by e-mailing us accordingly at .

Data processing on this website

For security and technical reasons the Operator automatically processes data in our system protocols that your browser sends us. Such data is mainly:

  • IP address (may be personal)
  • Name of file retrieved
  • Date and time of retrieval
  • Data volume transmitted
  • Report whether retrieval was successful
  • Report why a retrieval may have failed
  • Name of your Internet service provider
  • Browser data (e.g. browser type, screen resolution)
  • Operating system
  • Website from which you visited us


Cookies are used at several points on our website. Cookies are small text files which are saved on your computer by your browser. They help to make our website more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. For example, they guarantee the technical progress of a user session for a password-protected download area. At the same time, these cookies provide us with information that enables us to optimise our website for visitors' requirements.

Most of the cookies which we use are so-called "session cookies". They are automatically deleted after your visit. However, cookies with a longer storage period are also sometimes used. The maximum storage period for a cookie can be up to a year.

All cookies on our website contain purely technical data in pseudo-anonymised or anonymised form. They do not contain any personal data.

If you want to prevent cookies being stored you should select "Never accept cookies" in your browser settings. However, if your browser never accepts cookies, the functional scope of our website may be severely restricted. Some of the functions will no longer be available.

Web analytics

Piwik web analytics tool (

User activities on the website are recorded and analysed using Piwik tracking software ( In this context the IP address is stored in anonymised form, i.e., the last two octets of the IP address are replaced by 0. This prevents the data collected from being traced back to a particular individual. The tracking software is used solely for the purpose of adapting the website to the current technical state of the art and optimising the website for users. No data is passed on to third parties.

The tracking software is operated via a German-based partner company of the Operator's and is run on a dedicated server. This ensures that statistical data and any personal data (e.g. via registration or contact forms) are stored separately on different servers. There is no way personal data can be linked to statistical data.

Objection to Piwik analytics

You have the right to object to the collection of anonymised data by Piwik. The objection takes the form of an opt-out cookie, and therefore after deleting all browser cookies, for example, the opt-out procedure has to be repeated.

Click here, if you wish to object

Further information on the use and disclosure of personal data

The Operator may be required to disclose your data and associated information by order of a court or the authorities. We also reserve the right to use your data in order to enforce or defend legal claims. Also, in accordance with the laws in force we reserve the right to store and pass on personal and other data if the occasion demands for the purpose of detecting and combating illegal acts, attempted fraud or breaches of the Operator's terms of use.

Secure communication over the Internet

When transmitting and storing your personal data we endeavour to ensure by means of technical and organisational measures that this is not accessible to third parties.

Generally, though, the Internet is not considered a secure medium. Unlike a telephone line, for example, data transmission via the Internet can be more easily intercepted, recorded or altered by an unauthorised third party.

Updating this privacy statement

Our data protection policy statement will be updated if the Operator introduces new products or services, Internet procedures change or Internet and data processing security technology develops. We therefore reserve the right to amend or supplement this policy statement as necessary. We will publish the amendment here.

Right to demand information / deletion and changes to personal data

If you have any questions that this data protection policy statement has not answered or if you would like more information about any of the points, please contact us.

If you no longer consent to the storage of your personal data or if this data is no longer correct, we will arrange for your data to be corrected, blocked or deleted on your instructions as provided by law. On request you can obtain information about your personal data that we have on record. For this purpose please contact:

Stührenberg GmbH
Westerfeldstraße 3
D-32758 Detmold

You will understand that we need proof of identity when you request information about your personal data that we have on record.

Data protection representative

For general matters connected with the collection, processing or use of personal data by us and for general information on data protection please write to:

ubb GmbH Unternehmensberatung Beugholt
Gabriela Beugholt
Walter-Bröker-Ring 8
D-32758 Detmold