Effective signals

The right signal strength at all times: based on a modular system, signal heads for road traffic from Stührenberg guarantee flexible and intelligent solutions for every intersection.

Variable, versatile and ideal for signal combinations

Our signal heads are designed for all special cases. All individual components of the STvario series are optimally matched to one another and can be combined as required. This makes the high-performance signalling technology ideal for use in controlling motor traffic, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

STvario Signale, die wirken

STvario Signalgeber

Individual solutions can be realised with the aid of numerous additional modules and extra equipment. The basic system can be adapted quickly and at any time. Signal heads made by Stührenberg have demonstrated their sustainable performance capability in long-term practical use.

STvario signal heads are
  • uncomplicated
  • reliable
  • cost-efficient
  • suitable for many cases
  • and have proved their value in practice