STvario LED O

Future-oriented light for road traffic

The new generation of powerful traffic signal save energy, help to protect the environment and are very easy to maintain.

More efficiency

Due to the use of LEDs, the lifetime of the STvario LED O system is considerably longer than that of conventional signal lights. That saves energy and operation costs too. A long lifetime minimises the probability of signal failure and therefore ensures greater safety. Undesirable phantom effects are excluded through the use of neutral coloured lenses. The STvario LED O signal head meets the highest standards while minimising power consumption.

The signal heads made by Stührenberg are designed for signal light sizes of 200 mm and 300 mm in diameter. All symbol masks defined in the German Directive on Traffic Signal Systems (RiLSA) (and more) are available for both sizes.

STvario LED O Zukunftsweisendes Licht für den Straßenverkehr


  • Lighting technology: according with EN 12368 / DIN 67527-1
  • Luminous intensity: Class 2/2 (200 mm) and 3/2 (300 mm)
  • Luminous intensity distribution: Type W (200 mm) and N (300 mm)
  • Maximum phantom signal: Class 5
Extra equipment
  • Background screens
  • Height-adjustable signal head attachment for cantilevers
  • Company logo
Electrical data
  • Power supply: 40 V AC (50 Hz)
  • Tolerances: -25 %/+15 %
  • Power consumption: typ. 5-9 watts
  • Type of protection: IP 54
  • Temperature range: -25 °C to +55 °C

LED signal head inserts

Technical description
  • Central light source
  • Switched-mode power supply
  • Combined lens/diffuser system
  • Easy to install
Signal light size
  • 200 mm diameter
  • 300 mm diameter
Signal colours
  • red
  • amber
  • green
  • white


To display symbols, Stührenberg uses masks which can be installed in the lens/diffuser system.


Technical details

Optical characteristics of the LED signal transmitters according to DIN EN 12368 / DIN 67527-1

  • 200 mm
  • 300 mm
Luminous intensity - class
  • B2/2
  • B3/2
Luminous intensity distribution
  • W (wide-angle signals)
  • N (narrow-angle signals)
Signal lights with symbols - class S1
Maximum phantom signal class 5

Electrical and mechanical properties of LED signal heads

Operationg voltage 40V / 50Hz
Power consumption (different versions apply for 230V signal heads) 5 to 9W for all colours
Power Factor 0,9
EMC in accordance with DIN EN 50293
Type of protection IP 54
Impact resistance IR 1
Working temperature -25°C bis +55°C (class B)
Relative humidity 20 % to 95 %
Housing colors Fir green (RAL 6009)

Agate grey (RAL 7038)

Grey aluminium (RAL 9006)
Diffusor lenses colourless plastic lenses
Symbol masks standard versions (symbol lenses for small signal transmitters)


STvario LED O signal transmitters are certificated with regard to:

  • Optical characteristics
  • Funktional safety requirements, SIL 3
  • Electrical safety
  • Electromagnetic compatibility EMC
  • Environmental properties
  • Mechanical properties