Direct control at a glance

ReTCon is the abbreviation of Regional Traffic Control. This is based on our ultra-modern, modular traffic management system. This product is exceedingly versatile, safe and has been thoroughly tested in the field. From communicating with and monitoring of individual traffic signal systems to the management of complextraffic situations – with the ReTCon.Online, ReTCon.Center and ReTCon.Compact variants, this high-performance system covers all requirements.

ReTCon enables the comprehensive, differentiated and temporally unrestricted communication with all connected traffic signal systems. The system can be limited to querying only the most urgent fault messages, but also allows close, ongoing communication between the connected traffic signal systems and the control centre. Reliable and constant status analyses ensure the fastest reactions.

ReTCon® Direkte Kontrolle auf einem Blick

High-performance system in three variants


Online at all times on road traffic

With ReTCon.Online, every traffic signal system operator has a full overview of all the information – regardless of when or where. The only prerequisite is a PC with Internet access. The system can be accessed in a matter of seconds without disrupting other workplace activities.

With ReTCon.Online, the user sees all the required information concerning the operating status of the connected signal systems as well as any discrepancies.


Fully fledged traffic computer for outdoor use

ReTCon.Compact is designed for outdoor use. This traffic computer can coordinate entire streets or select signal programmes automatically via a traffic actuated control system. ReTCon.Compact enables the connection of up to 30 traffic signal systems via dedicated line, DSL/fibre optics and GPRS/UMTS.


Controls an entire town

The ReTCon.Center variant is a fully fledged traffic control centre which can also take over the complete control of an entire town if need be. This versatile central traffic management system enables the control of a town centre with a high density of traffic signal systems via dedicated line. Suburban areas which do not justify a dedicated line can be connected conveniently to ReTCon.Center via mobile communications.