Online at all times on road traffic

With ReTCon.Online, every traffic signal system operator has a full overview of all the information – regardless of when or where. The only prerequisite is a PC with Internet access. The system can be accessed in a matter of seconds without disrupting other workplace activities. With ReTCon.Online, the user sees all the required information concerning the operating status of the connected signal systems as well as any discrepancies. We take over the complete maintenance and administration of the system, ensuring that the data is always up to date. ReTCon.Online stands out with its easy handling. The intuitive user guidance system ensures a quick and simple introduction to the system.

ReTCon.Online Jederzeit vernetzt im Straßenverkehr

Features & operation

Multiuser-Fähigkeit und Benutzerverwaltung


  • Connection options
    • OCIT version 1.1 and 2.0
    • Mobile communications connections (GPRS, UMTS)
  • Message forwarding via eMail, SMS or fax
  • Data link to subsystems
    • Traffic engineer workstations
  • Multi-user capability and user management
  • Intersection and partial intersection switching (optional)
  • Signal program switching (optional)
  • Modification switching (optional)
  • Switching over to the local program selection
  • Status indication within the overview map
  • Visualization in the site plans
  • Presentation of process data for a traffic signal system
  • Presentation of message archive, counter values and public transport data
  • Remote supply of traffic controllers (optional)