Fully fledged traffic computer for outdoor use

ReTCon.Compact is designed for outdoor use. This traffic computer can coordinate entire streets or select signal programmes automatically via a traffic actuated control system. ReTCon.Compact enables the connection of up to 30 traffic light systems via dedicated line and DSL/fibre optics. The key features of this system include the permanent access to process data, configurable message forwarding via email, SMS and fax, data links to other systems and the remote supply of traffic controllers via OCIT.

ReTCon.Compact Vollwertiger Verkehrsrechner für den Outdoor-Einsatz


  • Connection of up to 30 traffic signal systems
    • OCIT versions 1.1 and 2.0
    • Dedicated line
    • DSL-/fibre-optic connection
  • Message forwarding via eMail, SMS or fax
  • Traffic actuated control system for traffic-based program switching
  • Data link to other systems
    • Traffic engineer workstations


  • Multi-user capability and user management
  • Status indication within the overview map
  • Visualization in the site plans
  • Presentation of process data for a traffic signal system
  • Presentation of message archive, counter values and public transport data
  • Paramater changes in the macro-traffic actuated control system
  • Remote supply of traffic controllers (optional)