Controls an entire town

The ReTCon.Center variant is a fully fledged traffic control centre which can also take over the complete control of an entire town if need be. This versatile central traffic management system enables the control of a town centre with a high density of traffic signal systems via dedicated lines. Suburban areas which do not justify a dedicated line can be connected conveniently to ReTCon.Center via mobile communications. This solution thus offers an optimum combination of technical progress, practical handling and proven performance.

Datenverbindung zu Subsystemen


  • Connection options
    • OCIT versions 1.1 and 2.0
    • Mobile communications connections (GPRS, UMTS)
    • Dedicated line
    • DSL-/fibre-optics connection
  • Message forwarding via eMail, SMS or fax
  • Data link to subsystems
    • Traffic engineer workstations
    • Quality analysis systems
    • Traffic adaptive control systems


  • Multi-user capability and user management
  • Intersection and partial intersection switching
  • Signal program switching
  • Special intervention switching (e.g. fire brigade)
  • Modification switching
  • Switching over to the local program selection
  • Status indication within the city map
  • Visualization in the site plans
  • Presentation of process data for a traffic signal system
  • Presentation of message archive, counter values and public transport data
  • Remote supply of traffic controllers
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