Intelligent and powerful

Optimising the flow of traffic to the best possible extent is an important aspect of modern traffic control systems in towns and cities. The new STm.6 control unit from Stührenberg is perfect for meeting the high demands of complex traffic situations. The modules of the new STm.6 series provide precise and reliable control of intersections, even in demanding conditions.

The perfect system for the smooth flow of traffic

The operating and control modes of the STm.6 series guarantee that traffic signal systems are switched in accordance with the traffic. They are suitable for all intersections. All standard interfaces and control logics have been integrated. The clever hardware and software concept is particularly easy to program and handle, thanks to modern operating terminals with touch screens and tablets. This guarantees maximum performance, reliability and functional safety.

Optimales System für einen flüssigen Verkehr

Operating and control modes

  • Time-dependent control
  • Traffic-actuated control
  • Central control
  • Local control
  • Manual operation

Integrated control procedures

  • Fixed-time control
  • Fully traffic-actuated control
  • On-demand operation
  • Signal-group and phase-oriented control


  • Direct configurable control logics
    • LISA+
    • VS-PLUS
  • Reconfiguration at runtime

Partial intersections

  • Intersections can be subdivided into up to 4 independent partitions
  • Time-dependent and fault-based shutdown of partitions


  • Time-based via GPS signal or time-based by the control center
Anzeigen und Bedienterminals

Display and operating terminals

  • Internal touch display
    • Control of the switching requests
    • Display of operating logs
    • Status displays
    • Visualization in a site plan
  • Tablet as a mobile operating terminal
    • Same user interface as for the internal terminal
    • Wired connection or time-controlled wireless connection
  • Web server for remote access or local access
Tablet als mobiles Bedienterminal


  • Connection to a traffic computer
    • OCIT versions 1.1 and 2.0
    • Ready for version 3.0
    • leased line connection
    • GSM-/GPRS-/UMTS-connection
    • DSL-/fibre-optic connection
  • Interface to priority systems for public transport and emergency vehicles
  • Service interface
    • Time-controlled WiFi
    • Ethernet socket

Connection to traffic computers and traffic management systems

  • Control functions
  • Remote diagnosis and configuration
  • Process data acquisition

Signal safeguarding

  • Use of fail-safe two-channel microprocessor technology
  • Monitoring for conflicts and intergreen time infractions
  • Monitoring for hazardous signal patterns
  • Monitoring of all signal lights for faults
  • Monitoring of the signal sequences and transition times

Signal output module

Signal outputs can be freely combined to signal groups. This is done automatically via a tool or manually. Each signal output is individually fused and protected. Dispensing with conventional current and voltage transformers distinctly improves the measurement accuracy and reliability in all operating conditions. The measuring circuits are arranged in safety return conductor technology.

Mechanical design

The control system is mounted in a 19 inch swivel frame. To optimise the wiring, the lamp switching modules are integrated on the rear wall of the control cabinet together with the outgoing terminals. The modules are interconnected via a safety-relevant bus system.

Software support

Tools for the following tasks are available for the control unit:

  • Configuration tool for the traffic controller
  • Simulator for testing the control unit configuration
  • Tool for displaying operating logs and public transport messages
  • Tool for displaying count values
  • Visualization of signal plan data, also in the site plan

Standards and guidelines

  • DIN EN 50556 VDE 0832-100
  • DIN VDE V 0832-110 VDE V 0832-110
  • DIN EN 50293 VDE 0832-200
  • DIN V VDE V 0832-500 VDE V 0832-500
  • DIN EN 12675
  • RiLSA (German directive on Traffic Signal Systems)

Technical data

STm.6 FG

Supply voltage 230V / 50Hz others on request
Supply voltage for signal output 230V / 50Hz or 40V / 50Hz
Monitored signal outputs 24
Digital not monitored outputs 8
Inputs and detectors 24


Supply voltage 230V / 50Hz others on request
Supply voltage for signal output 230V / 50Hz or 40V / 50Hz
Monitored signal outputs 180
Digital unmonitored outputs 24
Inputs and detectors 144