The intelligent solution for any junction

Traffic controllers of the STm.5 series are ideally suited, both technically and economically, to all types of traffic junction. All devices of the STm.5 family are of a modular design and feature several processors that work independently of each other. We can therefore guarantee maximum performance, reliability and functional safety. In addition, the STm.5 series can be integrated with all common interfaces and control methods. So the road is clear for universal applications.

STm.5 Die intelligente Lösung für jeden Knoten


Integrated control logics
  • Time dependent selection of signal programs
  • Traffic actuated selection of signal programs
  • Fixed-time control
  • Fully traffic-actuated control
  • Request-based control system
  • Phase-oriented control system
  • Signal-group-oriented control system
Directly suppliable control logics
  • LISA+
Signal safeguarding
  • Use of fail-safe two-channel microprocessor technology
  • Monitoring for the occurrence of hazardous signaling states
  • Monitoring of all signal lights for faults
  • Monitoring of the signal sequences and transition times
  • PC interface for diagnostics and supply for local public transport priority systems
Mechanical design
  • 19 inch technology in a swivel frame
Standards and guidelines
  • VDE 0832/EN 50556
  • DIN EN 12675
  • EN 61508 (SIL 3)
Integrierte Steuerungsverfahren
Partial intersections
  • Intersections can be subdivided into up to 4 independent partial partitions
  • Time-dependent and fault-based shutdown of partitions
Signal output modules
  • Electronic switching elements
  • Galvanic measuring circuit isolation
  • Arrangement of measuring circuits into supply- or return conductor possible
  • One main signal and two repeaters per output module
  • Several output modules can be connected to form a signal group

Control center connection

  • Remote diagnosis
  • Process data acquisition
  • Controller configuration

  • Connection to traffic management systems
    • OCIT-Version 1.1 and 2.0
    • Leased line
    • GSM-/GPRS-/UMTS connection
    • DSL-/fibre-optics connection

Technical data

supply voltage
  • 230V (-20% / +10%) / 50Hz
  • LED 230V, LED 40V OCIT, others on request
  • 144, extendable
Displays and terminals
  • Integrated operator control panel or PC terminal
Signal aspect output
  • 120 switching channels for connecting up to 120 3-field signal heads, extendable
Digital outputs
  • 48, extendable
  • Time-based via GPS signal