Mobile apps for Smart controlling in road traffic

Control and configure signalling systems

Smart Controlling

With the increasing availability of powerful smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are also becoming more and more popular in the field of light signal technology.

With the powerful toolkit from Stührenberg, signaling systems can be controlled and configured with the tap of a few symbols. Direct, wireless communication via WLAN adapter made these mobile applications possible.

Product Details


Presentation, evaluation and transfer of company diaries

  • Reading the current company diary
  • Evaluating and filtering the entries
  • Save and forward the selected diaries


Display and analysis of signal patterns and public transport telegrams

  • History of the current signal image states and detector states
  • Control of AP values and public transport telegrams
  • Save and forward the recorded values for later analysis


  • Changing the timer
  • Editing the logic parameters
  • Communication via OCIT 2.0 interface
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