Signal Transmitter Housing

High-quality plastic housing for signal transmitters

Robust & weather-resistant to sunlight and rain. Simple and flexible mounting options.

  • Clip technique ☑️
  • Construction kit ☑️
  • Easy to install ☑️
  • Fir Green RAL 6009
  • Agate Grey RAL 7038
  • Grey aluminium RAL 9006
  • other housing colors available in any other RAL tone on request
Product Details

Accessories & Assembly

Combinable & easy to assemble

Two-point fastening, mainly with ALUMINIUM (L-shaped) extension arms in various lengths (105 mm, 183 mm, 240 mm), also available in customer-specific lengths on request.

Signal transmitter 3/200 mm

Signal transmitter 3/300 mm

Mounting on the mast at the bottom (standing mast)

Mounting on the boom mast

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