STGPS FreeWay - control unit

Guaranteed green wave for first aid

Proven control system for emergency vehicles

  • Detection of the special signal status ☑️
  • Minimum response time ☑️
  • Precise messages ☑️
  • Automated reporting procedure ☑️

The intelligent system

In cities and conurbations, despite the blue lights and the St. Martin's Horn, there is often no getting through in heavy traffic even for emergency personnel. But if every minute counts, STGPS FreeWay can help.

Our tested control system enables preferential green switching for emergency vehicles when they approach the intersection area. Vehicles equipped with STGPS FreeWay from the fire brigade, police or emergency services are detected at an early stage and receive a green wave in traffic thanks to lane clearance.

The intelligent system determines the exact vehicle position via GPS coordinates and sends the data to the light signal system. The locating is activated very simply by switching on the special signal on the emergency vehicle. This is done via a tunnel-proof GPS connection in the vehicle, whereby a supportive positioning ensures a reliable position determination even under the most adverse conditions. The entire communication between the vehicle and the light signal system takes place fully automatically – without any additional intervention by the driver. In this way, the emergency vehicle can cross the intersection safely, time-optimally and route-independently in an emergency.

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