ReTCon.Compact - traffic monitoring

Full-fledged traffic calculator for outdoor use

Designed for outdoor use

  • Connection options for up to 30 LSA OCIT version 1.1 and 2.0
    Dedicated line
    DSL/fiber optic connection
  • Message forwarding by e-mail, SMS or fax
  • Macro control for traffic-dependent program switching
  • Data connection to other systems Traffic Engineering jobs
Product Details

Full-fledged traffic calculator for outdoor use

ReTCon.Compact is designed for outdoor use. The traffic computer is able to coordinate complete road trains or to make an automated program selection via a traffic-dependent macro control. ReTCon.Compact offers connection options for up to 30 light signal systems via dedicated line, and DSL/fiber optic. The core features of the system include permanent access to the process data, adjustable message forwarding by e-mail, SMS and fax, data connections to other systems and remote supply of control units via OCIT.


  • Multiuser capability and user management
  • Status display within the overview map
  • Visualizations within the LSA site plans
  • Representation of process data of an LSA
  • Display of message archives, counting values and public transport data
  • Macro control parameter changes
  • Remote supply of control units (optional)
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