Smart controlling of signalling systems in road traffic

With our powerful toolkit, signaling systems can be controlled and configured easily and intuitively. Direct, wireless communication via WLAN adapter makes mobile applications possible.

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Mobile Apps

With the increasing availability of powerful smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are also becoming more and more popular in the field of light signal technology. Therefore, Stührenberg also makes direct and wireless communication via WLAN adapter and via mobile devices possible.

You can easily operate our powerful toolkit by tapping on the corresponding symbols. This allows you to control and configure signalling systems from anywhere.

Guide & FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions

What functionalities do I receive via mobile applications?

You can also mirror all functions that the control unit's user interface contains on a tablet. Components of a maintenance can thus be conveniently carried out from the vehicle.

Does Stührenberg also use apps in connection with its products?

Our service and maintenance technicians use various mobile apps for maintenance and troubleshooting as well as other work within the scope of plant service.

Is there an app to operate the traffic calculator ReTCon?

Our ReTCon is a web-based traffic calculator where all functions are available via the browser. This interface can also be operated on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Thus, it does not require the installation of another additional app on your smartphone, but only the already existing browser.

Is it possible to operate the control units with mobile terminals?

At the STm.6, it is optionally possible to mirror the display on the control unit also on a mobile app. You can not only display the current state of the system, the signal images and the inputs, but also, depending on the authorization level, make circuits or influence inputs / outputs.