Control units for optimal traffic management

Tailor-made solutions: Our control units are tailored to the increasing requirements of future traffic management.

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Control units – Tailor-made solutions for optimal traffic management

Our control units are tailored to the increasing requirements of future traffic management. We offer exactly the right solutions for both small intersections and pedestrian crossings as well as for complex, large systems. With an optimally coordinated hardware and software concept, all systems are extremely flexible in programming and handling. This makes them ideally suited as individual runners or as a group circuit.

Guide & FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions

Are the control units energy efficient?

By using state-of-the-art components, processor technology and components with low power dissipation, we continuously minimize power consumption. In addition, we are constantly working on further developing our products and making them even more energy-efficient.

What is the maximum number of signal groups that I can achieve with the control units?

60 monitored signal groups at the STM5. 80 monitored signal groups at the STM6.

Which control methods can be implemented with the control unit?

LISA, VS+, Crossig and Trelan Trends.

Which interfaces can be operated?

Vnet-s ocit 1.x to 3.x

How many inputs can be connected?

144 detector inputs can be connected - regardless of whether they are buttons, induction loops, cameras or radar detectors.

Which RSU applications can be implemented with the control unit?

At the moment, MAP and SPAT, public transport Prio, as well as special vehicle prioritization.

Is operability possible via tablet or notebook and WLAN?


Which network media can be used to connect the control unit?

The copper cable, optical fiber and GSM.

Which supply voltages can be used to operate the control unit?

230V and 110V.

Is the control unit certified?

Yes, it is technical supervisory society (TÜV) and SIL3 certified.

How many inputs does the control unit STm6 have?

240, of which up to 60 are induction loops.

Is it possible to carry out a signal protection test with the control unit without having to cover the outdoor installation?


Is it possible to perform an assignment test with the internal control unit software?


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