ReTCon® - modular traffic monitoring & control system

Direct control at a glance thanks to ReTCon (Regional Traffic Control) and a state-of-the-art, modular traffic monitoring and control system.

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ReTCon® - direct control at a glance

ReTCon is the abbreviation for Regional Traffic Control. Behind this is our state-of-the-art, modular traffic monitoring and control system. It is extremely versatile, safe and absolutely field-tested. ReTCon covers everything from the communication and monitoring of individual traffic signal systems to the management of complex traffic situations and is available in various variants: ReTCon.Online, ReTCon.Center and ReTCon.Compact.

The control system enables comprehensive, differentiated and time-unlimited communication with all connected light signal systems and can be limited to the query of the most necessary fault messages. However, ReTCon also allows dense, continuous communication between connected light signal systems and the control center.

Guide & FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you only offer the traffic calculator as a cloud solution?

Our traffic calculator ReTCon is offered both as a cloud solution and as a local server.

Are messages from the light signal system displayed and can they also be forwarded?

Of course, the messages of the light signal system are displayed in the ReTCon and can also be forwarded individually by e-mail or SMS.

Is it possible to filter the messages of the LSA?

The messages of the LSA can be filtered both by groups and individually.

Can the signal images of a light signal system be displayed graphically?

Yes, the signal images, detectors and public transport messages can be visualized on the ReTCon web interface. You can view both the current state and past records.

Are the signal images displayed in real time?

Real-time is a difficult and imprecise term that is not possible at all due to the use of Internet technology. In general, it can be assumed that signal images will be displayed on the web interface within 5 seconds. With good network connections, you can also expect less than 2 seconds.

Is a special application or Java necessary for the display of the signal images?

No, the display on the web interface does not require an additional application and uses the technology of modern browsers. This makes it possible to retrieve the display even with mobile devices.

Is it also possible to view a site plan at ReTCon?

A site plan for a plant can also be stored on the ReTCon. Fields for signal groups and detectors can also be stored on this site plan. As a result, the current signal image and detector states can also be visualized on the site plan.

Is there also a graphical representation of count values?

The count values can be displayed in tabular as well as graphically.

Is it possible to grant users with different rights?

There is a user administration in ReTCon, where you add users to user groups and thus grant these users different rights and possibilities. It is possible to distinguish in great detail which options the individual user has.

Is it possible to switch the light signal systems in ReTCon and can every user do this?

Of course, there is also the possibility to switch the systems on, off or over in our cloud solution as well as in the local server version. Not every user is allowed to do this, but only those with appropriate rights and only after appropriate authentication.