LED industrial lighting

Buildings, company sites, industrial plants and industrial estates

LED-Industriebeleuchtung Gebäude, Betriebsgelände, Industrieanlagen und Gewerbeparks

Facades, industrial buildings and outdoor areas can be effectively presented with VIATEC LED light. The high luminous efficacy creates highlights in the outdoor arena and simultaneously reduces risks. A variable assembly bracket for the
mast-top or side-mounted lamps with LED technology ensures that the lighting can be optimally angled so that even the darkest corners are flooded with light.

The brightness of the LED lamp can be individually adjusted. The light colour may be warm white, neutral white or cold white. High-grade materials, such as cast aluminium and stainless steel with polycarbonate enclosure, ensure durable outdoor use. In addition, the VIATEC LED also stands out throughits exceedingly quick and simple installation.