For us, our clear service concept is a matter of eye-to-eye communication. From the planning and development stages through to production, we support you with the right answers to all questions relating to modern traffic technology.

Unser Service


Through a combination of our experienced team and ultra-modern equipment, we record and analyse complex traffic flows. Thanks to IT-supported planning aids, we can create realistic simulations and a detailed visualisation of optimised traffic flows.


We are ready to face the challenges of modern traffic and think ahead. That is our assertion. Using innovative new products that we have developed in-house – partly instigated by the customer, partly through our own initiative. The many years of experience and the practical knowledge of our engineers is of course indispensable in this respect. Only with this experience can new product ideas be realized successfully. The success of our products is testament to our approach.


The biggest advantage we have over our competitors is the unique combination of practised teamwork and the streamlined decision making processes of a medium-sized company. We combine this advantage with an enormous depth of production and facilities that satisfy the highest standards. We are an ISO-accredited companywith many years of experience in the road traffic technology sector.

Installation and maintenance

From breaking the ground to final commissioning, we carry out all the necessary steps ourselves. In doing so, our experienced assembly teams guarantee that your systems are installed professionally and on time. Moreover, we have set up a close-meshed service network that enables the quick and flexible maintenance of all the systems and equipment to be serviced.