Vision & Mission

That's what we stand for at Stührenberg


We want to provide our customers with the best possible experience in the operation and performance of our products. Our daily drive is the vision of maximally safe as well as efficient road traffic.


We work fundamentally on the optimum of our value creation. With a high level of customer orientation, agile processes and structures, and a constant willingness to optimize, we meet the constant challenges of our time.

The are we.

Over the past decades, we have grown into a large corporate family. Due to the distributed areas of responsibility and distant work locations, it is all the more important that we speak in a corporate language based on the following principles.


Cooperation with each other and with the outside world is based on constant trust. The performance of each individual is recognized and contributes to the joint success.


We are continuously working on the optimum of our performance. We see development as a continuous transformation process guided by innovation. As there is no head start without development, we continue to anchor innovation as a cornerstone of our identity.


We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers, partners and colleagues. Our daily actions are based on honest dealings with each other. We clearly distance ourselves from immoral statements and actions and maintain a long-term and trusting relationship with partners, suppliers and employees.


Since our foundation in 1962, we have maintained our agility and dynamism as a medium-sized company. Thus, we act inside and outside our company with the ambition to always be more action-oriented and progressive than our industry.


We promote that the ecological footprint of each individual and the holistic company is kept as small as possible. Emissions and resource consumption are to be further reduced, the treatment of our environment improved, and at the same time the creation of value based on environmentally compatible measures promoted. We see sustainability as an opportunity - not a risk.


We demand high professionalism in interaction and presentation. We see professional expertise and customer orientation as our identifying feature.


It can only be a togetherness. Prudent action implies taking into account different points of view without losing our focus on results. The joint success is borne by everyone at the same time. Therefore, the absolute performance of each individual in his or her respective area of tasks and responsibility is decisive.


We have been an independent technology company since our founding and will remain so because we think long-term. A solid financial foundation with a strong team and outstanding performance paves our way for the future.