We have been thinking about the future since yesterday.

Photovoltaic system & energy storage.

We have installed a photovoltaic system on a total area of approx. 1800 square meters, which achieves a peak output of 168 KW at high-yield times and thus covers the requirements of the headquarters in Detmold.

A 150 KW energy storage system intercepts the production peaks and thus increases the share of energy self-sufficiency. The same green electricity is also used to supply a large part of the heating system via a heat pump with buffer storage.

In addition to the 168kWp photovoltaic system, we commissioned a 165 kW battery storage system in April 2021, which makes locally produced electricity usable over a longer period of time - another component of our sustainability initiatives.



Circular economy

For more than 10 years, we have been using circular economy concepts in parts of our production. One example is the aluminum housing of our City Taster. In the event of surface damage, soiling or vandalism, the housings are stripped of paint, repainted and finally configured with new technology. Our service teams carry these as-new request buttons as spare parts in case of defects in their vehicles..


We are also successively converting our vehicle fleet to electric cars.

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