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Pilot Project Castle Crossing.

Intelligent traffic flow control through continuous traffic data acquisition

High vehicle volumes in urban traffic areas cause pollutant and noise emissions. Local driving bans reduce local emissions in the short term, but do not solve the fundamental problem. The aim of this project is to liquefy traffic in order not only to reduce emissions, but also to increase the quality of life of residents and the attractiveness of the location for commuters and local businesses.

This is to be achieved by intelligent control of traffic signals (LSA) along a selected stretch of road in the territory of the city of Paderborn. This requires a digital infrastructure for real-time data collection from all road users and a highly flexible LSA control system. This is constantly adapted to the current traffic situation on the basis of innovative sensor technology and optimization algorithms and can thus avoid traffic jams, energy-consuming stop-and-go movements of vehicles and unnecessary waiting times of road users.

The company Stührenberg controls the expertise in the field of traffic control technology and is responsible for the integration of the optimized traffic control algorithms in the traffic signal systems..


German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Research on traffic lights & Co secured for the future

On March 15, 2018, the laboratory for traffic signal control and technology of the German Aerospace Institute was handed over a new LSA control unit including test bay for research and demonstration purposes by the management of our company Stührenberg. Mathias Höhne from the Institute of Transportation Systems explains, "On behalf of DLR, we would like to thank the Stührenberg company and hope for a continuation of the previous good cooperation." We as a company are looking forward to all the results that DLR will be able to achieve with our products.


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Hanning & Kahl

"Competence from Lippe" - this is how the cooperation between Stührenberg GmbH and HANNING & KAHL could be described. After intensive preliminary discussions, both companies signed a cooperation agreement in November 2017.


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